-Song List-
Act 1
1) All Touch No Contact Carole
2) I Want To Live Howie
3) Attitude Buzz Desiree Cast
4) Fashion Victim Buzz
5) Soft Core Inez and Desiree
6) On With The Show Yoshiko and Malcolm
7) Symbolic Buzz (redux version)
8) Tell Me Jude and Howie
9) Viral Howie Carole Buzz
10) High School Confidential Carole
11) Shaking the Foundatios Carole Inez Buzz
Act 2
12) Weapons Carole Chorus
13) What’s the Furor bout The Fuhrer Desiree Inez Howie Chorus
14) Beg For It Howie and Jude
15) Crimes of Passion Carole and Band
16) Turn Into Yourself Buzz Howie
Act 3
17) Prisoner of My Skin Yoshiko
18) Bodies of Collision Buzz Icarus Original Version
19) Mash up: Weapons/All Touch No Contact/I Want To Live/Crimes of Passion/Fashion Victim/On With The Show Carole and Howie
20) Transcent Howie Buzz Carole
21) Tourniquet Carole
23) Shaking the Foundation Full Cast