Song List

Act 1

1) All Touch No Contact

by Carole Then & Carole Now

2) I Want To Live

by Howie

4) Fashion Victim

by Buzz

5) Soft Core

by Inez & Desiree

7) Symbolic

by Buzz (redux version)

8) Tell Me

by Jude and Howie


Act 2

12) Weapons

by Carol Now

13) What's the Furor bout The Fuhrer

by Desiree Inez Howie Chorus

15) Crimes of Passion

by Carole Then & Band

16) Turn Into Yourself

by Buzz Howie


Act 3

17) Prisoner of My Skin

by Yoshiko

18) Bodies in Collision

by Buzz Icarus Original Version

20) Transcend

by Howie Buzz Carole Now

21) Tourniquet

by Carole Now & Carole Then

22) Shaking the Foundations

by Full Cast